Monday, January 12, 2009

Private Practice Prices

One massage a month for a year with 2 months FREE (12 for 10) --$500
Two massages a month for 3 months with the choice of two extra services off the menu! --$300
One massage a month for 6 months with 1 month FREE -- $250
One massage a week for 1 month with 4 FREE clay masks --$200
One massage with a clay/paraffin back-pacque, one massagge with clay mask! -- $150
One hour hot stone massage with clay mask --$100

**Effects of Massage you should know about**
Reduces stress
Reduces anxiety
Promotes relaxation
Reduces feelings of depression
Decreases pain
Relieves muscular tension
Relaxes muscles soreness and fatigue
Increases range of motion
Improves balance and posture
Tones weak muscles
Reduces surgace dimpling of cellulite---woo-hoo!!
Increases academic performance
Increases mental alterness
Decreases blood pressure
Improves blood circulation

One hour massage--$50
30 min massage--$35
4 hands massage--$80

Out calls--$80 extra
Hydrotherapy--$10 extra
Aromatherapy--$10 extra

Deep Tissue Massage $10 extra
Hot Stone Massage $40 extra
Clay/Paraffin Backpaque $40 extra

Clay Mask $10 extra
Salt Scrub $10 extra
Paraffin Dip $10 extra

**Mix and Match**
***Gift Certificates Available***

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The systemic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining health. Every body is different and therefore every massage that I do should be different too, so that you get the massage that is right for your individual needs!